Amazing Ways How Technology Shaped and Revolutionised Design

Back in the day, a designer has three things: pen, paper, and his mind. Today, designers have a lot of media platforms and tools at hand to make art. The emergence of computing technology has revolutionised and made design a large scale industry. For more information about technological applications in design and engineering, click here to investigate.

Technology is a disruptor in almost every industry today. Before, designers use pencils, pen, and drafting tools to make a design. Today, a variety of computer software do the job.

Walk down memory lane and remember how design evolved into what it is today.

Urban design

Have you ever wondered how streets and public places are planned? Go to Google Earth and search for Tokyo. Observe how the roads and highways connect to the whole city. If you try street mode, you’ll see how the streets and roads create flow.

Before computers shaped design, urban designers manually draw a city’s urban plan on sheets of paper that are the size of one person. Don’t forget to add the possibility of making large mistakes. That would mean that they’d have to redo the whole thing.

However, urban designers today use computer-aided design (CAD) to design cities and villages without using a single sheet of paper. Aside from CAD, they can print large blueprints using high-precision printers.

With the application of 3D modelling, designers can also make 3D models of their designs without spending days of manually creating a model using cardboard. To know the pieces of equipment that aid in design, click here to investigate.

Interior design

Before computers, interior designers draw their house design ideas from scratch. They have to colour and draw them in the right perspective. Aside from these, they also have to draw the same furniture that they want to include.

Being an interior designer before takes a lot of time and effort. But, interior designers have evolved due to the application of technology. Now, they use design software that can make fully-rendered house designs.

Digital 3D models enable interior designers to provide a more comprehensive service to their clients. Notwithstanding, technology also speeded up their design work.

Aside from design software, there are specialised machinery and equipment today that can help interior designers incorporate customised design ideas. For example, machines for metal and wood cutting has enabled intricate house designs that are not possible with manual woodcarving and metal cutting.

Graphic design

Before Adobe InDesign and Corel Draw, graphic designers make posters and signages by hand. They do the design and draw the objects and typeface by hand. One poster may take days before it is finished.

The advent of woodblock printing made a graphic designer’s job lighter, but the area for creativity in woodblock printing decreased. But today, graphic designers use powerful software to design packaging, posters, books, and magazines.

Printers nowadays are fast and flexible. Graphic designers can make sample printouts using powerful printers that can print the right colour. Computer-aided metal cutting machines have made coins more attractive. That’s why if you see a $1 coin, you have to thank technology for that.

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