Why coal is still an integral source of energy for the world

If you were to enumerate the number of energy sources that the world uses to keep homes lit and enterprises running, you will find that coal is still one of the top fuels used for energy. There are many reasons why coal is still considered a primary source of energy for many countries. There are also many companies that help provide these countries with the coal they need for energy and Kestrel is one of them.

Kestrel Coal, along with other similar coal providing entities that provide countries with this fuel source, see that the world will still rely on it for its energy needs. Even though renewable sources, like solar and wind, have started to become an option for a lot of countries, coal is still the primary source of energy for most.

The main reason for this is cost and efficiency. Coal is one of the lowest costing fuels in the world due to its abundance and is also one of the most reliable since it has been used to power up homes and businesses for more than a century. Click here Kestrel Coal

Coal from Kestrel and other similar coal mining entities will still be used as a fuel source for power plants and to provide energy for millions because it is cheap and efficient. There is no other energy source that can match the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of coal. In fact, even with alternative energy sources that are said to be cheaper because these come from nature like the sun and the wind, coal is still the choice of many for their energy needs. This is even evidenced by the marked increase in demand for coal in the past few years.

There is even a predicted rise in coal use for the next few years, and this is still due to the fact that coal is cheap, abundant, and efficient. Still more coal power plants are being built to provide countries that are continuously undergoing economic growth. This means that coal will still be the go-to fuel of many countries, which include India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, to name a few.

This is also why companies like Kestrel Coal are thriving since they provide these countries and more with the fuel they need to keep energy running.

Coal and the challenge of climate change

One of the challenges of using coal, and other energy sources that produce emissions such as fossil fuels, is addressing its contribution to climate change. It has been requested that countries who continue to use coal as a primary source of energy have measures in place to help reduce such emissions. This is to combat the adverse effects such emissions bring to the planet.

This challenge has been met head-on by many countries and most have pledged to help by using such technologies as carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) to reduce harmful emissions. With countries pledging to help combat global warming while still using coal as a primary energy source, it has been seen that keeping global warming at bay can be done.

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